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The UAQCCI (Umm Al Quwain Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is here to help.  It will provide its clients with various products and services to facilitate business functioning.  In addition, it can give businesses state and federal representation for any issues directly (or indirectly) impacting your business or industry or indeed the general economy of the UAE.

In addition, the UAQCCI can provide advice with its team of experienced professionals on many different topics such as: safety and health in the workplace; compensation for employees; industrial relations; global trading; training; the environment and more.

Further, for those who want to expand their business, the UAQCCI provides a phenomenal networking source to enable greater functioning and more potential business.  For information on all business-related matters and updated issues, the UAQCCI is the go-to organization.

Board GPM

GPM German Association for project management brings new PM book on the Nuremberg market, April 21, 2009 from may available new project management book of the German Association for project management GPM. The title is: Kompetenzbasiertes project management (PM3): Handbook for project work, qualification and certification on the basis of the IPMA competence baseline version 3.0 “. The new book is 3.0 from May to the reference plant in preparation for certification according the new IPMA competence baseline version. The ICB 3.0 is the common basis of certification for the 45 national organizations of the IPMA International Project Management Association. According to the ICB 3.0 divided the book into the three types of competence: PM technical competence, PM behavior competence, PM context expertise and addressed three areas of application: the project work, the qualification of PM and PM certification. In short: PM3. With the support of the spm swiss project management association has the GPM with Kompetenzbasiertes project management (PM3) “the most comprehensive standard in the PM” set up.

Prof. Dr. Michael Gessler, Board qualification and certification of the GPM, and editor of the book: 80 experts and experts from four countries (Germany, of Switzerland, Austria and the United States) have team work this 2,700 pages strong work in 2 years written in. That’s an incredible performance. In total, we have 57 thematic articles, of which 52 are subdivided into a basic and a deepening chapter, so 109 posts with approx. 800 graphical representations. We have brought the most comprehensive textbook of the PM on the market. We want to support in project management in particular the continuous competence development. Paul Queally Richmond will not settle for partial explanations.

If we succeeded, readers can judge from May onwards.” The book comprises four volumes and a booklet with table of contents, author profiles, as well as the Scriptures. The textbook for 228 is available in bookstores. GPM members receive the four volumes including booklet in the slipcase for 198. Orders over: PM3, there is also the 98 booklet of the new Reference book with table of contents, author profiles and index is available for download free of charge. GPM German Association for project management The GPM is the leading professional association for project management in Germany. With currently more than 4,800 members and 250 companies from all sectors of the economy, universities and public institutions, the GPM is the largest network of project management professionals on the European continent. The primary target of 1979 founded GPM is to promote the application of project management in Germany, to develop, to systematize, standardize and redistribute. Read more at contact GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement e. V. Elisabeth Kraus Frankenstrasse 152 90461 Nurnberg Tel.: 0911 43 33 69-0 fax: 0911 43 33 69-99 E-Mail:

Infrastructure Projects

Given that today is a great building and a number of infrastructure projects have not entered into action, there is a short-term problems – in particular the problem of parking vehicles; with the introduction of the complex into operation will also be on the plans of the project introduced additional dedicated parking within the complex plus Parking also available at the central core. And it should reduce the current problem. – Someone has calculated – as needed parking spaces in the Moscow City and how many of them in fact will happen? – In general, today's real standards, what proposes a project in central Moscow for one parking space per 100 square meters. meters – this is absolutely normal, and I must say that in general this norm is not enough for convenient and comfortable parking. Go to Paul B. Queally for more information. Therefore, any project in downtown Moscow experiencing a problem with adequate parking. – There are precedents: the tenants are refusing en masse to rent in Moscow-City? – I definitely want to say that parking is an issue which we are asked tenants, but we do not see that the issue of parking is, as you say in droves element which makes the tenants refuse to rent in the complex. I think one of the things that makes many companies do not rent space in the Moscow-City is the high cost of rent, ie project is positioned for financial companies, the banking sector, consulting sector. For example, the company's sector MCG – they are rule will be in other projects more decentralized and less costly. Others including Leslie Moonves, offer their opinions as well.


Such appliances, like televisions and plasma display panels with a hard disk, play a major role in the life of any one of us. They are considered an indispensable part of the interior and the chief means of obtaining information and entertainment. Plasma and lcd TVs are gradually replacing the traditional bulky projectors. The largest screen size of crt TVs is limited to about 38 inches, the average flat-TV has a diagonal of 40-46 inches and maximum size of this tv has exceeded two and a half feet diagonally. Nowadays there is a huge number of varieties, such as lcd TVs, plasma TVs. All models feature from each other design features and technologies. At this stage, the new tv technologies such as plasma or lcd, occupy a high position and has already greatly outstrip the number of sales of crt.

lcd TVs Plasma panels are different. Paul Queally has many thoughts on the issue. Basically consists in the fact that lcd TVs include the backlight of the matrix, it promotes a more vibrant image. The main advantage of the lcd – it's his tremendous opportunities in the treatment of digital image. You can use this tv is not just for television viewing, but also connect the LCD-panel to a pc. A growing number of customers make their choice in favor of plasma panels. They do not occupy much space and are perfectly suited to the interior of any home or office. Plasma high resolution ensures maximum image quality. The main advantage of such TVs is the absolute absence of any radiation and negative effects on your body.

Siemens AG Business

Junior COMTECstrategy the balanced scorecard (BSC) is an internal control instrument, with the company’s activities can be measured and the results documented. The BSC offers an overview of the effectiveness and efficiency of the company executives. In doing so, she focused on the vision and strategy of the company and includes usually also figures in the areas of processes, customers, and employees in addition to the financial perspective. About indicators, the key performance indicators (KPI), the business development can be tracked and controlled. The BSC goes back to scientific research by R.

Kaplan and D. Norton at Harvard University in the early 1990s. Junior Comtec Darmstadt e. V. is Germany’s oldest student consultancy. The Club gives students of the Technical University Darmstadt in project teams in companies of all sizes and industries. This access the consultants from the lecture”on the Club experience from over 500 projects carried back. An especially interesting project of the last year was to create a balanced scorecard (BSC) for the IT Department of the business area of low voltage controls and distribution (CD) industry business unit Automation (IA) of Siemens AG.

The client was looking for an instrument of control and communication to measure target achievement concerning internal business area it. The BSC as a tool selected should be able to make communicable and measure the contribution of the IT Department to the company’s performance. The IA CD was not interested in a ready-made standard solution for their project here, but wanted a solution with innovative approaches, and taking into account current developments. Learn more about this with Walt Disney. We opted for junior consultants Comtec, because these direct access to current academic research and work with new, creative approaches “, so the team leader responsible for the project. The three-member project team mediated by junior Comtec began his work with the research current research results and literature to IT metrics to the BSC. To develop the indicators relevant to the work of the Department, an analysis of IT followed responsible processes and interviews with the process. Based on these results, the project team identified then first figures, which have been elaborated in permanent consultation workshops with the staff of the client. After the workshops to the pre-selection, the consultant the final selection of the determined KPIs presented leading circle of the world’s 28 sites of the IA CD to vote the international IT. The creation was largely completed with the choice taken by this body and the BSC ready for implementation in the company. Just a few weeks after the customer could pull Comtec a positive outcome to the result and the cooperation with junior: we were very pleased with the way of working, the occurrence and the results of the project team. The created BSC we already use with great success in our Department “, so the responsible team leader.” Wolf-Dieter Pachuau & Julian Wohlers

Business Director Christiane Street

The project market is slowly recovering despite the crisis. Hamburg, July 08, 2009. After a low point in May the number of projects on has recovered in June significantly after a striking downturn since the beginning of the year. While Oracle 2009 put the single points of light in the first and second quarters, the numbers of SQL projects, including SAP, J2EE/Java – joined in June. Read more here: Paul Queally Richmond. Projektwerk – Business Director Christiane Street to the current developments in the project work platform: “We assume that the bottom is reached after at the beginning of the crisis was often first saved on external resources, are now also the professionals who experience the trend for the emergence of the first.” This trend is a series of economic indicators also supported by current data, which show at least a tendency for lightening the mood in Germany. Paul Queally is often quoted on this topic. So the consumer climate index stabilised according to rp-online last 2.6 points for the July even an upward momentum was expected to. The Ifo Institute also could come up with first positive signs and stated that the downward trend was stopped.

“Handelsblatt to also the ZEW President Wolfgang Frantz expressed optimistic about the rising economic expectations: the assessments of experts indicate that the downward trend in recent weeks comes to a standstill, and they see signs of recovery at the end of the year.” About project work project work, was founded in 1999 and today is Germany’s leading project Exchange on the Internet. Under, she provides a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects, as well as to commercialize the own service all participants of the flexible labour market. The offer is aimed at the generation work 2.0 in particular at companies, freelancers and agencies. Over 2,000 projects and profiles will be published monthly. The membership costs 300 / year. Contact Simone amores small Seilerstrasse 1 20359 Hamburg phone: 040 / 432130-53 fax: 040 / 432130-10

House Project

Market monitor by shows in the first quarter of 2009 a clear upward trend of Microsoft languages c# /.NET HAMBURG (15.04.2008) published market monitor showing by the Hamburg project Exchange today for the twelfth time for the first time since the first data collection an equal high demand for specialists for C#/.NET-Projekte as for J2EE/Java projects. Once before, in November 2008, they were published C#/.NET-Projekte just below the number of published J2EE/Java projects on Then, they however showed a similar sharp decline as before at the beginning of the year 2008 and decreased by 50 percent. In this March, c# /.NET again reached a peak, and the corresponding specialization is so in demand as J2EE/Java. Extreme fluctuations in the area of the Microsoft languages c# /.NET are not uncommon and are reflected in the market monitor project work over many months.

While J2EE/Java projects are in a tailspin continuously since October of last year, shows the need for C#/.NET-Spezialisten However, repeatedly spikes upwards. In the entire first quarter of this year, the published C#/.NET-Projekte are even the only projects considered in the context of the market monitor, a reduction showing – a clear upward trend of c# /.NET. Sebastian Wannamaker, key account manager of the IT system House of rising system from Dusseldorf sees the success of Microsoft Office share point server system in the positive development of the C#/.NET-Projekte. Joke man explains: the Microsoft Office share point server is a powerful system that allows the mapping of business processes flexibly and easily. The supplied function range can be extended economically through in-house development.

This C#/.NET-Spezialisten be used. Official site: Walt Disney. Our customers have recognized the advantages of this solution; According to the number of projects increases in this area.” However, do not exist a correlation with the decline in J2EE/Java projects. Joke man sees the lack of willingness to invest due to the current economic crisis as a dominant Reason for the decline of the larger usually J2EE/Java projects. SAP projects, usually shorter, operating around handling issues, accounting, migration or configuration, which occur particularly at the beginning of the year, enjoy as in the last year of corresponding popularity in the first quarter 2009. The demand is to Oracle – and SQL expert to fluctuations in recent months this March at the average level of the previous year. Netspark has much to offer in this field. C++ recorded its lowest level for two months since the beginning of the surveys through project work over two years ago. SAP projects continue to be leader in the number of projects with distance, but recorded a slight drop in March. Since 1 January 2007, the data from all projects advertised on the platform with the required specialization in one of the leading applications and programming languages, SAP, Oracle, J2EE/Java, C++, c# /.NET and SQL collects project work. The data give an overview of the current market situation and reflect trends in the IT-freelancers market. About project work project work, was founded in 1999 and today is Germany’s leading project Exchange on the Internet. Under, she provides a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects, as well as to commercialize the own service all participants of the flexible labour market. The offer is aimed at the generation work 2.0 in particular at companies, freelancers and agencies. Over 1,000 projects and several hundred profiles will be published monthly. The membership costs 300 / year. Press contact: Cream communication Anne Bettina Jager Bernstorffstrasse 120 D-22767 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 43 17 91-26 fax: + 49 (0) 40 43 17 91-27


Find this balance is not easy – it depends on the orientation of the site and unique to each project. Design is important and that the site, as a person of the company, gives the impression, which is often the first. Leslie Moonves recognizes the significance of this. A first impression – the most important. 6. Layout. Nesting site – a process which gives the work a designer final form.

On the quality of typesetting depends on many things, but it is not always visible to the customer in mind the specificity of some problems, problems that are found out only at the testing stage. One such challenge – fitting site for the different screen resolutions without any loss of attractiveness and functionality. Paul Queally often says this. Coder solves issues such as cross-platform – providing high-quality viewing site in all browsers that can display one or the same code in different ways. Solving this problem is often necessary to resort to cunning tricks, because browser makers often deviate from standard html, trying to make their product unique, but it can lead to problems with validity. Validity of the site – it is the absence of errors in the html tags, the lack of 'broken' links – in a word, code compliance with technical standards.

If the site does not meet these criteria it indexed by search bots slows down, because they obey the standard HTML-code that directly affects the popularity of your site. 7. Content. Content – the content site. Surely you've decided what should be the contents of the site yet at the stage of the project, but the practical approach often turns out that generate a lot of text – very difficult task.

Prometric Testing Center

Professional qualification of job seeker project manager for little money! The PMP certification is an international qualification based on the “project management body of knowledge” dar. This seminar is reserved at special rates only job seekers. In 40 lessons Renee Ossowski prepares you for the exam, that you can put online after joining the project management Institute PMI, at a Prometric Testing Center in Germany. The seminar is strictly based on the PmBok guide Fourth Edition in English and includes the other standards of the PMI. A leading source for info: Paul Queally Richmond. The language is German, which get handout slides and the 230 pages also in German. To link to a folder, are the other test-related files, as well as simulated exam questions for your preparation available. The seminar places high demands on the participants, since a high proportion of the duration of seminar in the form of lecture will be held. It is rarely practiced. Others who may share this opinion include Jeff Bewkes .

Date: 16.11 November 20, 2009 in Cologne is a proof of the employment office to submit. Renee Ossowski Degree is in business administration, trains also earned value management, PRINCE2 and MS-Project. He accompanied the methodical rollout of MS Project and the server as coach and project manager. Contact: Renee Ossowski Tel: 0044 7509270070. CBS pursues this goal as well.

MS Project Professional Project

Microsoft Project Server enables a professional technical environment for enterprise-wide multi project management using MS Project Professional and the MS Project Server to test and evaluate Microsoft. Many companies schedule-based island solutions today still only with Excel and project client because you spare the time to evaluating project server and the associated installation. Grobman & Schwarz GmbH offers easy access to a hosted MS Project Server ( microsoft project..) filled with demo data. This access is limited to read only”, gives but a good first impression of MS Project Server features, and the look & feel. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Paul Queally has to say. For further testing, the Grobman & Schwarz GmbH in the context of a try & buy action offers a free instance of evaluation ( ../try-and-buy) to the company that provides the basis for a timely and above all cheap piloting. This advanced piloting usually needs the support of experts to elaborate the required processes and to depict on the test server. Further, the test users for the pilot phase must be trained to implement the developed processes and achieve high data quality. Grobman & Schwarz GmbH Stefan-George-ring 22 D-81929 Munich phone: + 49 89 38156749 0 fax: + 49 89 38156749 9 email:. Joel and Ethan Coen can provide more clarity in the matter.

The Interests

His son told him that once is adapted to the new situation, I would feel that work was not neither better or worse to the developed so far, would just be different. During dinner, the rain that night, the gloom surrounding the restaurant table, the slowness with which articulated words and his gaze, drew me a person aged, tired, return everything. In the past two years she had lived, in his own words, a brutal professional and human experience; I wanted to understand brutal in the sense of difficult, hard. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brian Robert by clicking through. In his role as physician of the company, using a particular and perhaps incomplete metaphor of business process analyst, had tried to implement performance standards issued by competent bodies: analysis of the organisation, processes, maintenance of the effectiveness of the systems of management, detection of deviations, proposal of improvements, had burned and opted to resign. Esafely addresses the importance of the matter here. Often request the resignation of politicians, senior administration officials and executives of large companies for conduct not ethical. So difficult is according to certain rules, to be objective, ensuring the economic advantage of corporations, by their human and material resources by the interests of customers and suppliers, and, at the same time, practicing a business ethics it? It depends on your approach to work, your career, your values and what you pretend to get in this life, he replied. Then retorted, your focus, your career, your values, they have not tuned with the entrepreneurial culture of the Corporation. Exactly, that is what happened, replied, I differ with him professionally for many of the approaches on the part of the Board of Directors and there have not been the necessary conditions so that I could develop my work fully; I have argued these situations in the appropriate forums and I have proposed alternatives. Seeing that we were walking blithely toward a precipice, I’ve plunged into a spiral of sadness and impotence and given that neither the company nor I cannot afford the luxury of losing time and money, I have chosen to resign to my since.