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The UAQCCI (Umm Al Quwain Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is here to help.  It will provide its clients with various products and services to facilitate business functioning.  In addition, it can give businesses state and federal representation for any issues directly (or indirectly) impacting your business or industry or indeed the general economy of the UAE.

In addition, the UAQCCI can provide advice with its team of experienced professionals on many different topics such as: safety and health in the workplace; compensation for employees; industrial relations; global trading; training; the environment and more.

Further, for those who want to expand their business, the UAQCCI provides a phenomenal networking source to enable greater functioning and more potential business.  For information on all business-related matters and updated issues, the UAQCCI is the go-to organization.

Energy Conservation

Ensure energy conservation in our country is not always a primary consideration in the first place was usually continuous and first-rate heating, water supply and so on. The term "energy efficiency", in conjunction with the term "energy efficiency", in our country has been actively used by theoreticians and practitioners since the early 90s. It was then approved several laws, Government decrees, forcing executive authorities, economic entities the right attitude to energy stocks. Rise in price of energy and fuel prices makes it appropriate and cost-effective energy saving measures and technologies. Discovery Communications is likely to agree. In these conditions seriously, the role and importance of work on testing the energy (energy), industrial and other enterprises.

Ministry of Energy offers energy performance audits as one of the main elements of the organization of the Federal Program for Energy Conservation. A set of abstracts, defining the general provisions, methods, types, organization conducting energy audits, requirements for surveyed consumers FER announcement of results, as well as the rights and responsibilities in carrying out these activities are defined "rules of conducting energy audits of organizations", approved by the Ministry of Fuel and energy in the spring of 1998. As stated in the "Regulation", power tests carried out to determine the effectiveness of organizations of energy resources (FER), to identify opportunities of growth and determining the costs of implementing energy efficiency projects. Function can be identified: mandatory energy audit. Energy companies test, the annual consumption of fuel and energy which have less than 6000 tcf or 1 000 tce motor fuel.

Voluntary energy audits. PromService now has all the necessary work to ensure that energy auditing mechanisms, regulatory statutes, orders, normative and technical documents, standards, guidance documents, software for thermal and hydraulic calculations. In the implementation of energy involved verification of highly experts, the level of training which enables full inspection at all times. Company PromService accredited to carry out works on the energy audit since 2000. At present company included in the list PromService companies that are permitted to carry out energy audits in the Russian Federation (registration certificate number AA-0123) and appointed an expert systems company RIER. Despite many years of experience in energy audit activities for increase the quality of work performed and the possibility of solving problems in a complex in the complex, we are working to incorporate new information techniques. Ways of working with us are quite diverse. In this time but proposals for energy audits, as well as the creation and implementation of programs on energy conservation, we can offer you to buy yourself all the required software product development costs, to train and participate as appropriate in the collection of source materials, implementation of settlement and other problems, using the experience gained. An integrated approach to energy auditing tasks and energy this experience has allowed the last three years to carry out energy audits mainly on a voluntary contractual arrangements. Work on such contracts are of high quality and always has a positive outcome.

Russan Art

In Russia, there is a new generation of collectors. Private matter, purchase of works of art, they turn into large-scale social projects. For even more analysis, hear from esafely. In the 1990’s Russians collected art, to raise the prestige of the company (the first corporate collections Banks ‘Capital’, INCOM), then, to decorate their homes. Today t has become clear that happiness s not only n the possession of Rembrandt (relatively speaking), but also to the joy shared by other. In addition, memory of the -Morozov, Tretkov, lke ashes Claes, knocking on the hearts of Russian entrepreneurs. And so half-baked collectors began to open museums. The frst prvate museum of contemporary Russan art (Art for Russa) began work May 31, 2007-th. On dsplay are all bg names of Il Kabakov, Oleg Kulk up from Vktor Pvovarov to Valery Koshlkov.

Selected Works-excellent. If you want to get a concentrated presentaton of Russan art the last 40 years-you here. The Museum s made n accordance wth the trendy trends. For example, on the walls s completely absent kakalbo markng works. It was done wth ntent to avod and focus audence on the art rather than readng the plates at the pctures. (For readng and percepton of vsual nformaton correspond dfferent areas of the bran.) If you for whatever reasons, names of artsts do not know, then you leave the museum n ntal blssful gnorance, even experenced some of the exhbts emotonal dstress. Probably nothng wrong there s not: partcularly ntrgued by the nformaton you need can fnd on the ste.

Labor Clothes

The companies generally consider clothes of their employees like an indirect cost that does not give to added value him to its products. Beyond the legal obligation to provide to the workers the uniformity and the necessary elements of protection for its job, the possibility exists of removing an economic yield to this cost. We are going to come to number four advantages of a correct uniformity in the work: a) Image of mark: personalizing the clothes with the logo of the company (by means of embroidering, silkscreen printing, transfer, etc) as much allow publicitar its company in the present clients as in the potential clients. You may want to visit netspark to increase your knowledge. Also if the clothes of the company combine its corporative colors, in a modern design, with quality weaves the client perceives that the worker belongs to a modern company, worried about the security and in constant innovation. b) Location of the employees: imagnemosnos a work where several work you subcontract. How I locate to my workers if all dresses like ” go; I exercise of Pancho Villa? ” Very simple, vstalos with its corporative colors (it slgase so of seen the navy blue one), with an exclusive design (it flees from the import) and this problem quickly will be solved. c) Rotation of clothes: in a normal dialogue with the employees they siempren are going to prefer that one provides to comfortable and tuna to them although not clothes him of every year. A very graphical example is the subject of the article of abribo.

habitually the companies give anorak every year, generally of low quality, that when finalizing the year and having to still give one new this in perfect conditions. Why not to negotiate with the workers giving one every two years of greater quality? The user will be contented when taking an article of more quality and you also to the saved salary a purchase and forming part of corporative clothes of his company an article of quality different from the average general of the companies. d) To come up is to save: it is not moment for speaking of the possible sanctions of the public administrations by breach in the protection of the workers. Beyond these possible sanctions, providing to a worker the suitable clothes and the elements of individual protection that advise their labor position, allows avoiding industrial accidents, losses by labor diseases or small injuries that with a correct uniformity would have been easily avoidable. Considering these aspects it is easy to understand that a correct uniformity in a company reduces the direct and indirect costs and provides to the company one more modern an image and more associated to our mark.

Flash Graphics

Answered? Then it seems to me that a decision on whether to use animation on the site would not be difficult for you. Esafely often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Thus it follows – the use of video inclusions – a great chance for a hot creatives to show their talent in most. Swarmed by offers, netspark is currently assessing future choices. And then you should not forget that sometimes in order to achieve, at first glance, not tricked out of the ordinary visual solutions need serious 3D graphics tehnologii.Ispolzovanie second approach, which wants to pay special attention – the use of 3D graphics. I am pleased to say that the current Flash strides moving toward support for 3D graphics and progress of this kind are more and more impressive. And now, not for the mountains that day, when even the most advanced technology will cover the Internet, having won her due place among the other web technologies.

But on this day to create 3D objects and incorporate them in 2D animation comes in all the Internet More and more often. This allows you to implement a realistic animation of rotation and create a credible display of multiple objects. Resource using the 3D animation into a gorgeous and looks just impressive! Interactivity and plug-ins With the advent of ActionScript3 want to point to the fact that there will arise more and more interactive sites. Less ‘brakes’ and more opportunities! And the sea of concepts that eager to bring flash-programmers, from simple software modules in the likeness of risovalok and fitting, to a very clever game spaces. Summing up I want to show the example above all with the help of websites created use of these technologies: ceramic factory site ‘Falcon’ interior created with 3D graphics.

World No Tobacco Day

The active struggle against smoking in the U.S. and Europe has been going on for 40 years. During this time, were increased prices of cigarettes (in Britain, for example, today a pack of cigarettes in terms of our money is worth 250 rubles), raised taxes for manufacturers tobacco products, adopted a ban on smoking in public places, is actively promoting a healthy lifestyle, but most importantly, a policy that rejects the smokers. Now in developed countries I can not smoke in public transport, airports, restaurants and hotels, in the workplace. Doctors and psychologists in the West offer smokers a lot of illustrative examples of the negative impact of tobacco on health. For example, dark, clogged with soot and demonstrate the owner that when smoking is his real respiratory organs. Swarmed by offers, Robert A. Iger is currently assessing future choices.

"The sick heart of a smoker," "black smoker's lungs", "yellow teeth smoker" – its bad need to know what will their habit. On the streets of Belgium, one can see signs, "Be gracious to smokers – they live for less than you." The result of such policies have produced results: for this time in the U.S. and Europe significantly reduced the number of smokers and, consequently, fewer cancer and cardiovascular disease. In our country, tobacco control is in its infancy, an initiative aimed at fight against this evil, invariably clash with the interests of tobacco lobby. In such a situation, the manufacturers of cigarettes, displaced from the West, feel at ease in the Russian market. We smoke more than 40 million people, 65% men and a third women. And every year a smokescreen over the country is becoming tighter.

For comparison: in 1990 the population of the USSR smoked 150 billion cigarettes, and cigarettes per year. In the past year, we have anti-record, releasing 380 billion cigarettes. You may find netspark to be a useful source of information. Their manufacturers earned more than $ 5 billion. Where did these profits – not a secret, since 90% of the Russian tobacco industry purchased by three U.S. corporations. They do not quite appreciate that our country tends to rise to top positions World cigarette rating. Consumption of nicotine, we give only the Indians and Chinese. What price Russia pays for this dubious achievement? Suffice it to say that the head of one of the largest tobacco corporations credited with this phrase: "It's funny – we had a cold war with Russian, but now they are on a par with the Chinese were the best buyers of our cigarettes. Because of this, if a new war, we will not have too many bullets. " This hypothetical savings on weapons stems from a simple calculation. According to statistics, tobacco lovers depart to another world for 10-15 years earlier than nonsmokers. Every year around the world tobacco kills 5 million people, of which 300 thousand men and 30 were women – in our country. In America, 40 years ago, when they were published lift excess numbers, the state in the name of saving the nation beginning a crusade against tobacco. In our country, like 40 years ago, the rescue of drowning remains a matter of drowning. And 31 May – World No Tobacco Day – an occasion to reflect on horoschy own salvation.

StreetLight Controllers

Graphical displays can also be used to display data from other systems, such as data from video cameras, lights, sensors air pollution, temperature, humidity, etc. As controllers of various segments of the network of city lighting used Internet servers i.LON SmartServer company Echelon. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Coen brothers. To communicate with the ballast lighting SmartServer uses the LonTalk protocol and the normal power line, which saves on cabling management. Discovery Communications may not feel the same. However, outdoor lighting, where the network medium is a transmission line, characterized by high noise level, so the i.LON SmartServer, a special function redo. Collection and processing of up to one million units of data from the segment controllers and ballasts in lighting lamps shall StreetLight.Vision specialized module Data Collect.

All information received is converted and stored in a single database SQL, which is used to analyze the energy consumption for lighting fixtures and identification of faults planning the replacement lamps. To transfer data from the controller network uses secure channels GPRS / ADSL. The composition software includes six major StreetLight.Vision Application Web Portal – The analysis of consumption", "Fault Detection", "Remote management, "" Working hours "," controller "and" Economic Indicators ". These applications allow you to monitor and control street lighting controllers, lighting and brightness depending on natural light. In addition, you can develop your own Web-based applications, simplifying management and reporting system of street lighting in the city. Remote communication with controllers, lighting segment provides software module "Remote Control" which allows you to view data on the status of each lamp lighting in real time.

Because of this, system manager can remotely control and monitor lighting on the streets of the city through Web-based interface for secure communication channel. And the control system can be called from anywhere in the city and at any time. New software StreetLight.Vision already received on the market, and it can be available through the company's managers "ARMO-Systems", which is the official distributor of hardware and software solutions to companies and Echelon StreetLight.Vision. For more information on software, controllers and ballasts lamps coverage, please e-mail or multi-channel telephone (495) 787-3337 for sales managers. Echelon Corporation is the pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and software for construction managers LON-networks. Established Corporation LonWorks technology is used today to organize distributed network management in transport, control systems, street lighting, building automation and technological processes in industrial enterprises. At present, Echelon publishes a full range of equipment LON: controllers, routers, Web servers, adapters, Ethernet, PCI, USB and other devices.

Haute Couture

A weak, for example, have a girl trip to Milan for opera at the world famous La Scala? Or order under the balcony Serenade of the present Mexican mariarchi in his large sombrero painted. After all, in fact, many possible variants can be devised in order to arrange the mistress of your heart vydayuscheesyaromanticheskoe date, to later years of your relationship that memory preserves its freshness and brightness. And where people usually learn about high society? I have always wondered at what point a person begins held stumper Dating for marriage? It seems to me that if a man is lonely, but he has amassed considerable capital to, he somehow too busy to deal with the theme of dating for serious relationship. He's already used to having all the desired necessarily must be achieved – the issue price. And on a more serious relationship, taken between normal male and female, it does not have the time. Therefore, as a rule, successful people dating often occur in the format of some private parties, corporate events, presentations and other entertainment events, in which mere mortals road ordered. Perhaps check out netspark for more information. It may be a holiday romance, which usually occurs in some special places with a label Haute Couture. But all these platinum card holders and other attributes of the Dolce Vita is perfectly aware that most of these habitats inhabited by the beautiful Amazons, hunting for their future abundance of all life benefits and pleasures. – So what? – They comfort themselves – I earned a feast for body and soul.

The Customer

When a customer crosses the threshold of beauty in order to give yourself time to relax, get a pleasant feeling and remove the stress voltage. But due to the huge variety of beauty salons and the services they various services whose quality is constantly improved, to make a choice is not so easy. To date, many salons offer highly procedures, so to attract customers important aspect was the presence of high-quality service and professional equipment to beauty salons. The atmosphere of the reception, which develops the situation and quality of service in the cabin, are fundamental to the client. Click News Corp to learn more. Fragrance, combined with diffuse lighting and soft music – all this is pleasant and creates a good impression of the cabin. Besides regular customers are very demanding for equipment beauty salons. Thinking about profitability, do not forget about comfort, so important for the client. It is essential that the situation in a room dedicated to relaxation and restores vitality procedures, was calm, net (with no difference in feelings of sterility), simple. Paul Queally Richmond follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Experts who conduct multiple sessions should also look flawless. It is clear that issues such as cleanliness and comfort, improve service quality and instill confidence in customers. No need to put up extravagant decorations that are difficult to clean, tidy environment will always be more advantageous. Need only add a little glamor and mystique, of where customers are usually delighted. This may be a decoration, stylized wildlife, accompanied by gold trim petals. In combination with the rounded shape of furniture and decoration plants such creates relaxing atmosphere. Should ensure that the air always remained fresh and pleasant music to the ear.

Currently, clients have become more informed and therefore more demanding. In general, Almost all stores take care of the sterility of instruments and devices to update, but there are institutions that do not observe basic rules of hygiene. And such examples are few. Some of the clients are faced with the fact that they are placed on sheets of dubious cleanliness. And, of course, visitors will prefer all disposable equipment (gloves, gauze, spatulas), which guarantees them hygienic. Delivery Corporate beauty salons equipment provides the influx of customers in beauty salons. Trusting your body and face experts, visitors expect during the procedure not only comfort but also the absolute sterility as reasons security and the desire to feel a manifestation of respect for yourself and personal approach. It is therefore recommended to use disposable packaging. Visitors will appreciate, if the offices will be fascinating hearing nameplates. If you have multiple rooms, it is best to also give them a designation. Most clients are convinced that the inner beauty of procedural situation room is just as important as the quality of sessions taking place in it. Of course, all these criteria are subjective, but they play an important role in choosing the salon.

Call Office

Currently, there are a lot of very different systems for mass of outgoing calls of subscribers – the automatic and semi-automatic, simple and with a host of different functions. However, many companies prefer to traditional methods of manual costs of outgoing calls, ignoring the convenient software solutions. What is useful for programs such calls? Save time. Automatic program for outgoing calls from customers making calls to phone lists, in fact, take the lion's share of managers and staff call-center, freeing up a lot of vremeni.Ekonomiya Finance. Such a program you buy once and then not spend on telephone calls nothing. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert A. Iger offers on the topic..

And update and technical support is usually in full control besplatny.Vy process calls. Most programs dialers are user-friendly shell and allow you to track calls. Plus, the good programs you can collect statistics on outgoing calls – how effectively passed and got a dial-up subscriber soobschenie.Vy themselves determine what message the subscriber will hear. You can either select a sound file to play, or write text to a voice synthesis. This is only a few of the benefits that give the user program avtoobzvona, the rest is depends on what system you choose. Developers go different ways, giving users are quite different products. Esafely may find this interesting as well. As an example of a typical program for outgoing calls can be reduced Call Office. It is very easy to use and does not require anything extraordinary in terms of equipment.

In addition, the developers made it to the as flexible settings. For example, in the shell of the program the user can make a voice message from the pieces, to substitute some fields from a database of text, or specify the text for the synthesis. And in Overall, the program can be customized for different tasks, keeping the different settings that you will agree, makes life easier. More about the program can be found at the site developer.

Office Chairs For Executives And Staff

While working person can often change the position of the body: people are shaken, squirm in the seat, sit on the chair "ride" or sideways. Therefore, the correct desk chair – this ergonomically designed chair developed taking into account the peculiarities of the human body. Seat height chair or the chair should fit your height. The ideal position of the spine during sitting can be compared with the Latin letter S. It is desirable that the angle between the seat and back of the chair was a little over 90 degrees. Coen brothers is likely to agree. Armrests take on the weight of the hands, removing weight from the spine and shoulders. Especially important to have the armrests while working for computer. Technical equipment seats managers and employees is somewhat variable.

Armchair managers often equipped so-called regulator spring swing, allowing "boss" gently recline. All good desk chairs are equipped with pneumatic-lift seating, sometimes there is also adjustable back angle and height adjustment. Fashion trends of the last time – the mobile furniture, so most Office chairs and armchairs equipped wheels. The service life of high quality chair or chairs calculated in years, depending on the intensity of exploitation. In a question-answer forum esafely was the first to reply. Upholstery seating head is usually made from natural high-quality leather classic colors: black, dark brown, burgundy, etc. Seating ordinary employees often covered with cloth, usually printed, less leatherette. Chairs for visitors and the rooms negotiations are covered with imitation leather or cloth.

Color of the upholstery of chairs and stools for casual staff can be anything: the working area are appropriate as the bright cheerful colors and dark, classic. The only requirement – that all the colors in your office combined with each other. Feet, crosses and armrests of chairs and armchairs are made from different materials. Base and armrests head can be made from securities wood or chrome-plated aluminum. Hard parts of chairs for visitors and employees do most of the plastic or polypropylene, at least – from the metal.