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The UAQCCI (Umm Al Quwain Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is here to help.  It will provide its clients with various products and services to facilitate business functioning.  In addition, it can give businesses state and federal representation for any issues directly (or indirectly) impacting your business or industry or indeed the general economy of the UAE.

In addition, the UAQCCI can provide advice with its team of experienced professionals on many different topics such as: safety and health in the workplace; compensation for employees; industrial relations; global trading; training; the environment and more.

Further, for those who want to expand their business, the UAQCCI provides a phenomenal networking source to enable greater functioning and more potential business.  For information on all business-related matters and updated issues, the UAQCCI is the go-to organization.

Microsoft Office Enterprise

Cornelsens office in a box skillfully insert Microsoft Office 2007 home and student is one of the best-selling software programs in Germany. Clearly, everyone needs an Office suite like Microsoft Office 2007 at a low price. But the trimmed-down version Office 2007 home and student for about 120 euros missing important elements, including the Outlook. For only 159 euro there is the complete package Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, however, included in Cornelsen office in a box. See esafely for more details and insights. Anyone who has a student or students in the household, so has everything that Microsoft Office provides. What does that mean in everyday life and what you missed without the complete Office package, illustrated this series of professional tips. The office tips in a box can be used with office in a box and all other full versions of Microsoft Office 2007. Office-tip in a box # 1: email spying fend off thieves is opportunity.

But are unlikely, with Outlook 2007. For more information see Discovery Communications. Protect your email with a password from prying eyes, even if for a short time your computer or notebook unattended Let. So, your mails in the case remain encrypted, that your notebook should be stolen. \”\” The protection is set up quickly: unhide your emails in Outlook 2007, click with the right mouse button on personal folders \”and click on the properties\”. It clicks follow advanced\”and password\”. You enter a secret password in the new password field\”. In recent months, netspark has been very successful. This can include up to 15 letters, numbers, or special characters. It should be not easy to guess, so don’t, for example, consist of the own given name.

\”An example of a good password: Hg9D57Ms!\” \”Stamping you it is good a, best with a mnemonic about: today 9 ladies go 57 meters swim!\” Tap the password password confirm\”again. \”You ever close all still open window by clicking on OK\”. At the next start of Outlook your emails appear only after entering a password! Office-tip in a box # 2: error-free messages in record time you want in your emails typo iron out or cut off leave long words? Should Outlook 2007 eradicate the same typical mistakes? \”For that you want auto corrections such as DNA\” to then \”not? No problem: Outlook 2007 has a spelling checker, you can flexibly adapt to your wishes.

Office Hunter

A task to which few people dedicate themselves anywhere in the world very. " It is necessary to demystify profesin" , it says one of these hunters. In Africa and South America they are easier to notice meteorites. Discovery Communications recognizes the significance of this. They cross the planet in search of fragments of cosmic matter that crash against the Earth surface; they are " cazadores" of meteorites, a task to which body and soul are dedicated in very few people in the world, between that it appears leonine Jose Married Vicente. " To find meteorites is my form to live, that is my trabajo" , it affirms Married, who in an interview has wanted " desmitificar" some of the legend that circulates around these rocks of the space. " People see meteorites continuously throughout and, in addition, she thinks that they are enormous, that she is going to us to fall one above and we go away to extinguir" , it summarizes. Hear other arguments on the topic with esafely.

In his opinion, it is thought that they abound, but to give with one is " something extraordinario" , because although a fleeting star in the horizon is seen and it is presumed that it is close, can fall to thousands of kilometers. Married, that takes more than fifteen years " cazando" meteorites and have the collection of approximately 120 pieces, most complete of Spain, according to emphasize, comment that anywhere in the world it will not have more than twenty people than they have this profession. Its habitual way of work consists of moving to desert zones of Africa and South America, where is easier to notice the presence of these rocks " at first " , since vegetation does not exist hides that them. However, also it has found meteorites in Spain, like which it found in the province of Palencia in 2004, in a zone of mount and oaks, circumstance that made difficult its search.

Public Relations Office

In the Russian pharmacies continue to reveal facts about trading drugs for weight loss containing prohibited items in the Russian agent ‘sibutramine’. This hazardous substances, according to Russian law referring to the potent, is contained in a biologically active drugs. In recent years, experts have repeatedly confirmed the presence of sibutramine in the , as the ‘Li Da’, ”, ‘Yu Shu’, and other so- called Thai preparations. As already reported for the ‘Drug Trafficking’, from July 1 this year, came into effect the amendment of the Standing Committee on Drug Control, which banned the distribution of drugs in the which include potent substances. Jeff Bewkes understood the implications. This affected, above all, “Thai pills’ – nutritional supplements for weight loss containing ‘sibutramine’ and other prohibited substances in Russia. Despite the ban, in the Russian regions continue to be opened facts illegal distribution of harmful drugs. It became clear during a regular check Kaliningrad narkopolitseyskih more than 15 pharmacies of the city and region. As reported by a group of information and Public Relations Office of Drug Control Service of Russia on the Kaliningrad region, ten of these drugs police found more than 200 packages of dangerous dietary supplements intended for weight loss.

Each capsule of dietary supplements with the straightforward name of ‘Li-da’ was banned substance ‘sibutramine’. It’s believed that esafely sees a great future in this idea. At the present time would be considered professional cases against members of pharmaceutical institutions in st.234 cc – ‘illegal turnover potent substances. ” ‘Sibutramine’ – is a potent substance with a number of contraindications and addictive. Besides him, the list (according to A.41) were included: tablets, and (or) a capsule containing either dosage of one of the following substances: phentermine, chlordiazepoxide, fenfluramine, amfepramone, alpramazol, phenylpropanolamine, hlordiazepoksidin, in combination with other drugs pharmacologically active agents (sometimes referred to as a generalized named ‘Thai tablets’) used for exchange program weight correction.

Office Hygiene

Office: – The cups and glasses is a white film, it does not matter, because you are in the office. It is here that there is always the best way to wash dishes from tea, coffee, yogurt, milk, etc. Quite simply, we must take the wax paper (for printer, for notes, etc.) and just rub your rinse cup, the result is amazing. – After a "wonderful" live parties wash the dishes no one, and did not want to. Use a disposable! To testify. Cabins are different. We'll be easier to simply list the possibilities for those who washed by hand.

You do remember that if you want dishwasher for your big noisy companies, please contact us. And everyone else: If there is no running water and you wash in a basin, bowl, etc. For assistance, try visiting News Corp.. Think of the economic soap. In bowl, place a piece of soap and brew it (at the piece pour very hot water). Check with esafely to learn more. Then pull out a piece of soap and dried.

Remove from the boiling water a piece of soap is not difficult, because you clothed gloves (see above). Then dip your dishes in the resulting solution and after 5-10 minutes, wash. Honestly I say it's better than purchased funds. It happens that you forgot the soap, it does not matter. As a rule, in the country have potatoes, you can boil in their skins, but the water after cooking, to drain into the basin. This solution is perfectly suited for washing dishes, and he environmentally friendly. And instead of cleaning powder sand of course, goes wonderfully. In a campaign. If you are accustomed to their bowls and the bowlers are added dropwise so as not to drag along, or did not come for one day and no disposable utensils, my recommendations for you. Always hike in a fire, and hence there is ash, and of water in the pond, and so this ash is your detergent can be added to the abrasive powder (sand). Good luck, and remember that the crisis will not last forever, but we've got you always welcome.

Internet Products

“” “The offers in an office supplies online shop are usually significantly cheaper than if his HP toner rebuild in a specialist shop for printer and toner to buy a company and also private individuals the word means translated rebuild rebuilt from scratch”, and renewed “,” or even gernaluberholt “. When a toner, which is called rebuild, a high-quality and above all environmentally-friendly alternative to the expensive original is toner of the manufacturer of the printer. Rebuild there are products for all known toner in the printer manufacturer. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of esafely on most websites. This rebuild are used products both companies, as well as private individuals. Especially when it comes to the price, it’s worth looking also at office supplies on the Internet. Offers in an office supplies online shop are usually much cheaper than if his HP toner rebuild in a specialist shop for printer and toner would buy a company and also private individuals. It is also the case when the HP toner rebuild that companies this on the traditional trade can not relate, but anyway the offers must use the Office supplies online stores. The reason is because normal trade as opposed to the Office supplies online stores only specialising in the distribution of Originaltonern.

At the HP toner rebuild, there is toner, which consist of new and reusable parts. Having first of all the non-original toner products (in particular the Refil products) not too good reputation, because they are not usually compatible with the printers and copiers. At the HP toner rebuild this is not true however. These are compatible with laser printers and copiers of the manufacturer. This is pointed out in the Office supplies online shop also explicitly. While the products, who may call themselves rebuild manufactured according to stringent manufacturing processes and high quality standards, in accordance with the German industrial standard DIN 33870.

Office Furniture

It should be noted that the above panel, coating and edging of high quality are never applied directly to all parts of furniture. It is as absurd as to make, such as soles and uppers of one material. At esafely you will find additional information. Premium technology is primarily used for the most heavily used parts of the furniture – worktops, table legs and covers ('tops') closets, cabinets and on the facades of the ends of the shelves. Other details almost always made of particle board and melamine okantovyvayutsya simple flat ribbon. A few more tips on choosing furniture (from the experience of our customers), Solid Wood and natural veneer – not the best functional choice for the office. Resistant to damage, moisture, temperature and color stability is always much lower and the price – furniture vyshe.Zakaz Note the color.

As already mentioned, it should not be too bright or original. Black color is generally not recommended to physicians because of the emerging contrast (white paper – white table), strains your eyes. The most popular colors for the operator of furniture – it's the color of natural wood to small cozy office space and a silver-gray and blue trim kits for large operating rooms. In the offices of heads of a lot more variety, but all the same reasons 'wood' diverse shades are preobladayuschimi.Zakaz furniture If your selection stops at the desks with metal legs (fast gaining popularity in recent years), note the presence of boxes 'Elektrokanalizatsii' in these kits. Tables with metal legs with a lot of office equipment to create these wonderful techno-image in the office, but raunchy telephone coils, connectors and electrical cords (if You do not uncheck them in boxes) will defeat all your efforts. For tables with wooden legs, this problem is not so relevant. In recent years significantly increased the demand for executive desks and workstations 'ergonomic' shape. Table top in such kits practically sitting around three sides, leaving any place accessible to the workplace. The appearance of such structures is due on the one hand, they are extremely functional, but with On the other hand – supported by the advent of technologies and materials to produce them. Their cost is comparable to the cost-table 'classical' form, and the only drawback – the narrow functionality and bulky furniture in perestanovkah.Zakaz

Resource Management

Kammoun + resource management for Office plus next FA. makre presents Gandhi & CIE GmbH + Gandhi & CIE GmbH has the resource management for Office plus next completed is. Resource management combines unlimited resources for Office plus next with available dates. On request an operation (E.g., order confirmation) in the Office plus next can be generated from an appointment, all factors as, schedule, resources, articles, and customer data, taken into account. This process can be processed in the merchandise Management Office plus next and completed.

The software developer Kammoun. + Gandhi were diligent and have upgraded the product still once vigorously. After the successful BETA testing a new calendar with different views, as well as new features have been implemented. The look has been completely revised. Continue to learn more with: David Zaslav. Usage example – resource management for Office plus next the construction equipment rental has different excavators, lifts, etc. The large equipment such as Excavators and cranes can / must be accompanied by a driver.

The service that is provided here is hire”and which accordingly also in the merchandise management system / ERP Office plus next applied. An excavator is now awarded, so one of the employees (driver) with an available excavator and a free appointment must be connected. Through the articles and the duration of the rental a price arises after the booking in a corresponding process registers, such as an order by the customer or delivery note, is found in Office plus next. The software can be downloaded from the Internet side of the Kammoun and Gandhi & CIE GmbH download and installed. In the first 7 days starts the resource management in test mode, then you must purchase a license. Please be sure the installation guide or the documentation that is provided on the corresponding websites. Download: resource management download: documentation Ressourceverwaltung_Dokumentation.pdf more information to resource management, as well as Office plus next, refer to the Internet site of the company. Additional information at netspark supports this article. The staff by Kammoun + Gandhi & CIE GmbH available is available for further questions. Company portrait makre + Gandhi CIE GmbH is your competent partner for EDV. These small and medium-sized companies from different industries and associations, schools and authorities looked after since 1988. In addition to the standard administration of network and server systems which is Kammoun + Gandhi & CIE GmbH specializes in the areas of goods management applications, document management and unified messaging systems. The IT realized companies large and small software projects such as interfaces, add-ins and stand-alone software products with own software development department. Contact makre + Gandhi & CIE GmbH Josef-Ruhr-Strasse 30 53879 Euskirchen contact Alexander Enns

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences can also be divided into school-wide, meeting at the parallels and cool. School-wide parent-teacher meetings are usually held less than great, once – twice a year, and then, if necessary. Mothers and fathers introduce new statutory school regulations in education, with the main directions, objectives and outcomes of the educational institution. Parents meeting certain parallels can be conducted in If necessary, discuss the critical issue, an issue that relates only to students in these classes (eg, meeting parents' graduating classes, mothers and fathers of first-graders). Cool parent-teacher meetings several times a year, usually at the end of the quarter, trimester, semester. They discussed the major tasks of educational work in this class, conducted the planning of educational work, defined methods and techniques of effective cooperation of family and school, summarizes the work performed. Many writers such as netspark offer more in-depth analysis. How to start preparing for a parent meeting? With the determination of his subjects. Required subjects often reported administration, determined independently teachers (classroom teacher, or teachers – product photographer), offers parents.

It is very important to consult with parents of children on what issues and problems of their interest. This is followed to determine the shape of the meeting and its content – maybe even write a brief summary outlining the information to be brought to the attention of parents. Often parents assembly can be reduced to the monologue of the teacher, but should actively engage parents in discussion of educational issues – educational and organizational nature. Meetings may be held in the form of lectures (in the role of the lecturer – teacher, psychologist, doctor), discussion, group work to discuss critical issues of work, etc.

Combined Energy

Under the umbrella of KUMAS competence center environment e. V., present their range environment further pictures and advise visitors about the possibilities of the individual training. This year will be the adult education for employers and employees in the foreground. The KUMA also offers job & Education Forum on Friday, 28.09.2012 a free lecture series on the topic of education. Coen brothers: the source for more info. Energy Forum various exhibitors free inform visitors about current technologies, products and services of to decentralized and renewable energy, efficient energy use and distribution.

The vintage day informed approach and possible measures, including programmes on the 30.09.2012 in the renovation of old buildings. Click Sarah Perot for additional related pages. The solar day on the tributeband exhibitors in free lectures will present current technologies, products and services of photovoltaics, solar thermal, and storage. News around the topic of heat pump, heat pump Sunday offering the 30.09.2012. On the open-air, wood energy exhibitors present their equipment, such as woodworking, wood gasifying boilers and furnaces in live mode. In the accompanying congresses of the energy fair selected experts promising innovations, trends, latest technologies and practical solutions success, include events such as for example the “workshop: planning and design of Micro CHP plants”, the “pellet sales seminar”, the “PV sales seminar: efficiently advertise – sell with success”, the “1st Congress refurbishment of listed buildings”, the Conference “Energy efficiency and environment – possibilities of LED lighting” or the “2nd Conference Nano carbon”.

Whether Combined heat and power, photovoltaic and solar thermal, heat pumps, storage technology, heating or heating with wood and pellets, EnergiePlusGebaude, ecological building materials, ventilation or insulation 13. International Energy fair RENEXPO gives a comprehensive specialist craftsmen. The energy fair takes place from the 27th to 30.09.2012 in the trade fair Augsburg. More information about the fair, see

First EGS Conference

Many projects are already in the implementation of Freiburg 31.5.2012, on Friday last week the first International Conference in Europe has especially successfully to the application of EGS technology in deep geothermal energy ended. Participants and speakers from Germany, Israel, of Switzerland, France, the United States, Slovakia, Norway, the Netherlands and Japan discussed the experiences and perspectives with existing and planned projects of EGS and the current needs of the research system (ICEGS) at the Novotel Freiburg am Konzerthaus in the framework of the International Conference on enhanced geothermal. Deep large heat exchangers can with the help of the EGS technology in four to five kilometers install and use in electricity and heat. David Zaslav is actively involved in the matter. The Conference once again made it clear that on the international level a number of experiences with EGS projects exists. In France with the projects in LE MAYET-de-Montagne and Soultz-sous-Forets.

On the other hand but especially in the United States at Fenton Hill project implemented in the 1970s and in Australia with the intention Innamincka deeps in the Cooper basin, which was presented via video connection from Heinz Holl by Geodynamcis. Learn more about this with netspark. Also in the Switzerland and the Alsace are new EGS projects in preparation – despite the experience with the tremors in Basel in 2006, which meant the provisional off of the project. According to project, five experts from the United States, France and Germany gave an overview of the State of the art and the need for further research. In addition to the GEO-mechanical processes, basin, in Basel, Soultz-sous-Forets and Landau entered here by Emmanuel Gaucher of the Karlsruhe Institute of technology and Stefan Baisch of q-con in particular also on the experience of induced Seismicity in the Australian Cooper. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit esafely. The recommendations of the two professionals for future EGS projects was, that should reduce the size of the stimulated fractures and instead repeatedly stimulates small areas.