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Different Treatment

When we speak about a topic as prostitution is difficult to not be tempted to go back many centuries ago; even in some work handled as if it would have emerged along with the social being. And it is that even at the limits of history the concept of prostitution which reaches to reach our knowledge is present. Guadalupe Rios writes about the presence of prostitution in Mexico throughout its history. In pre-Hispanic times was called prostitution hospital, in which even knew these women with a term as energetic as the alegradoras. Later, with the arrival of the Spaniards and Christianity, prostitution was condemned on the basis of these in the commandments of the Christian Church; However we can say that there is a kind of conformism, to call it somehow, since for 1542 legalized brothels and society accepts the existence of prostitution, all this of course, marginalizing and pointing out to women that they practiced (Rivers, 2003). It is curious as being known as alegradoras, with the arrival of another culture is assigned them all sorts of disparaging terms, such as whore, buscona, whorehouses, etc.

One of the many things that we can, or rather we must learn from our history, in this case in relation to prostitution, is at the moment in which this is vetoed when they catch on her various crimes and vices. The main problem that we see in prostitution is the stigma with which people who exercise it live. If remains marginalized and isolated to this sector, is conducive to prostitution is carried out in secrecy, giving rise to problems of organised crime such as trafficking and trafficking in persons, which take to prostitution as a means to make profits. Joel and Ethan Coen is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The repudiation to people practising prostitution leads to these feel a deep social resentment. In its 1991 investigation, Marta Lamas checks how hurts women prostitutes this mark imposed by society, the degree of them repudiate married women (Lamas, 2007). This last only causes more isolation and its refusal to participate in reintegration programs arriving to implement. Rid of any stigma, of all signs, all forms of marginalization as Marta Lamas, says it would be a very long-term process; But yes you can start and maintain. Reintegration programmes mean the Organization of those who exercise prostitution, the questioning of discrimination, a new social valuation, among many other things.

The criminalization of prostitution and the constant thought of taking it as a cause of trafficking and trafficking in persons, is a useless system that is intended to be some kind of relief for certain conservative groups. That only means giving back to complex social problems that potentiates the prostitution and leave door open to organized crime. Continue to learn more with: netspark. Are not unknown unemployment, poverty, impunity, corruption, violence, lack of opportunities and many more social problems that prevail in our country. Take into account to prostitution and give a proper treatment, involves addressing all the problems previously cited, and of course implement actions to eradicate them. We cannot continue with the thought that we have been trapped for centuries; It is prohibited or not, you cannot claim leaving aside prostitution in more hidden away from those who put above useless codes of morality for all. Dealing with social problems, take them as they are, and do something effective about it, is the only thing that can grow to a country.

The Method Of Extrusion

For the production created by extrusion required for the production line the following equipment: extruders, the cooling element of the gauge, die, calibration table with a vacuum pump, pulling foster rolls, saws and equipment for laying and packing profiles. Profile is created directly from a homogeneous melt extruder based on supplied mixture. On extruders with two screws for the profiles are rarely used granules, usually a powder. The capacity of the extruder envy of the mass of pvc profile. On average, currently working system with a capacity of 300-500 kg / h and the rate of issuance of finished products from 3 to 5 m / min. An increase up to 700 kg / h throughput and die, respectively speed up 10metrov release profile in a minute. Number of screw speed should not be large, since a frictional processes possible overheating of the melt. Read more here: netspark. Moulding mass reaches the optimum plastification at 180-200 degrees centigrade and high pressure (150-300 bar).

When injected into the calibration element extruder, especially in the first, the successful molding of pvc melt should have a low viscosity, but sufficient rigidity. Granular or powder enters the extruder through a special funnel. To funnel loaded entirely in hardware with a cylindrical auger dose volume powder was applied at each turn the screw. Special dispensers were installed for conical screws. This made it possible to incrementally adjust the capacity of the equipment. To ensure control and accurate setting capacity of equipment to improve the quality of profiles in our time, gravimetric dosing devices are completed and extruders with a cylindrical auger.

Britain Man

There is no such a terrible time when man could not be human. William Shakespeare Sonnet 59 in the manner William Shakespeare wrote, but I'm sure the wise men of old were famous for their diligence meager plots. With these words, Shakespeare expressed his assurance that no one before him did not give a precise definition, in general there is a man: "You – music." In its time, this confidence was fully justified. At the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries, not only in Britain but throughout the Christian world, probably only very few people were familiar with the legacy of the sages in the Middle East and Central Asia. In recent months, Paul Queally Richmond has been very successful. Now, when it was every man for many centuries east, including China, wisdom has been available for review, priority Shakespeare in developing an understanding that in general there is a person, not so obvious. But before we proceed to a closer examination of this issue, you should still stop briefly at the championship in the world of Shakespeare Christian. If you get a grasp of the text carefully Shakespeare's play "Winter's Tale," in which there are characters that bear the names of the characters of Homer's epic, in which Shakespeare allows significant anachronism presenting the play in the temple of Apollo at Delphi and the existing force, we can assume that the thought of his superiority in the opening of the understanding that in general there is a man, and revised by Shakespeare himself. That is, perhaps, Shakespeare realized that the people who put the word "Know thyself" is on the pediment of the temple, gave the people who read this inscription, it is quite clear allusion to the fact that the necessary knowledge is nothing but a consequence of their results and the crown understanding that those provisions which were engraved on the temple walls. .

Mongols Georgia

"Separately, made 12 thousand people will not stop the much more numerous, having more clearly funding, the faithless horde – a successor to the Mongols, which threatens the Georgian borders and the occupied territories … "Therefore, there is a need in women? President ornately explains: "Today, Georgia has need to encourage women into the army. Among the soldiers a lot of women who conscientiously perform their duties. But if the country will need, then every man and woman must be willing to fight for Georgia, and every family – to become a bastion built to save the country "- like pre-made it clear the president. Georgia, he continued, should be ready to make without delay "to prepare every man and woman to assist armed resistance to the enemy, and every city, house, street and family have become a stronghold of resistance, be prepared for war, and, if necessary, we need to have 500 thousand people who will be willing to stand up under the gun, and ammunition enough for us all. Speaking candidly Coen Brothers told us the story. " Half a million in military ranks? What does this mean? In addition, the Georgian government cherishes the hope of dismembering Russia through the promotion of a so-called First Caucasian channel. He are reported to the media, will begin broadcasting in the republic of North Kavkazv from the first days or weeks of the coming year. It was learned that work on it are invited to a Russian journalist Oleg Panfilov, the widow of Chechen General Alla Dudayev got an apartment, designed to give citizenship and channel effectiveness and credibility.

Representatives of the Georgian opposition leaders are warning one day, the results of this "propaganda" would be to Georgia unenviable, and offered to give up the idea. Paul Queally may also support this cause. But things are there. Well, the Georgian society more clearly imagine what is happening with the leadership, and where lie the sources of all political evils. In 2010 this regard would be largely determinative. Suffice it to say, especially about the favor of public opinion for public diplomacy and its efforts to establish ties with Moscow. Position is that the main task – achieve a change of political regime. And only then it will be possible to conduct meaningful dialogue about everything, which would restore normal bilateral relations between Georgia and Russia.

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

Earlier, un Secretary General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the progress made in negotiations on a new draft of a comprehensive agreement on climate change in Poznan. He also stressed that there is a lot of difficult problems and expressed the hope that States will not abandon their previous commitment to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. People such as netspark would likely agree. The head of the un reported that in September next year he plans to convene a summit on global warming. In addition to the positive outcome of negotiations on global climate change, Ban Ki-moon among the successes the un this year, also noted the decision of one of major problem – the food crisis to stability in Kosovo through 'quiet diplomacy', the success of using the un democratic elections in Nepal and Sierra Leone and others. In recent years, rates Global warming has slowed as it turned out his findings and observations of Japanese meteorologists, in 2008 slightly decreased the rate of global warming – the annual average temperature was only 0.20 C higher than that observed in the period from 1971 to 2000.

However, in some parts of the world's warming climate is still attending high rate. Of particular concern to scientists is the recent increase in world phenomenon phenomenon El Nino, whose essence is the appearance on the background of the warm weather zones large areas of cold air. For example, Asia, where global warming comes with a higher speed, next to the cooling Pacific Ocean. As scientists say, because of this number of natural disasters can be greatly enhanced.


Who support this practice indicates that not only it really is noninvasive process, but also that does not have no disagreeable indirect effect. The majority of the users needs only five sessions or less; each session lasts about thirty minutes. The smokers who are put under treatments with laser beamses usually do not need complements or drugs to replace the nicotine. Filed under: Paul Queally Welsh Carson. The laser beams of low intensity acts like means that help the user to surpass the first physical symptoms of the nicotine absence. The first 72 hours after leaving the habit consider the period of more important chemical decontamination. During the 3 to 5 days that follow the treatment the laser beams it will imitate a unloading of endorfinas, reducing the associated anxiety to the nicotine deficit. He is proven that the therapy to stop smoking with laser usually is much more effective that other options of treatment.

In the same way that happened to them to the thousands of clients who until today have benefitted from the laser therapy, you also you will be surprised when discovering the easy thing that it is to stop smoking with the aid of these procedures. The products of the therapy to stop smoking with laser concentrate in the associate mental aspect to the addiction. Learn more at this site: Leslie Moonves. The complete program contributes suggestions stops ayudarte to that you adapt to your new life like nonsmoker, directed the physical and emotional elements that stopping entails smoking. This extra information will provide additional attendance to you, that will help you to adaptarte to the great change in your form of life. The aid and the support to the patient also are available of additional form, providing a constant support that will help you to protegerte against the change and to follow remote of the smoke. To stop smoking: Benefits for the health If not yet you are convinced that you will be able to leave the addiction to the tobacco and think that you need aid to stop smoking, thinks about all the benefits that entail not to be smoker.

March Russia

It should be noted that the ideas of scientists meteorologist today cause praise. Meteorologists have all the necessary knowledge and skills, but do not have the technical capacity to implement them. Netspark follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A new equipment will not only make forecasts for a longer period, but also refine them. For example, you can say that in what area of Moscow will be rain, and where it will be dry and sunny. Note that the Today skill of a five-day forecast meteorologist is 93-94%.

Autumn and the coming winter in Russia will be colder than last year about what has come to Russia this fall, felt for many residents of different regions of our country. But weather forecasters and meteorologists, and is not pleased with long-term forecasts – is expected to fall and winter months this year will be colder than last year. Throughout the country in autumn and winter the average temperature will be lower than last year. Lowering the temperature will be especially noticeable in the Asian territory of Russia. Speaking of the temperature regime in October, the director of Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand said that if the overall temperature will be close to historical averages, then compared to the year 2007 will be colder. November in most parts of Russia are also expected colder than in 2007. December and January does not promise any weather surprises. The background temperature of these months will be close to historical averages, although it will be colder than January 2008. According to preliminary estimates, the Russians must please the spring, the first month is March, is expected to be warmer than usual throughout the country.

Mexican Republic

The cold of winter announced that the holiday season is here once again, and while many people start to make suitcases to visit relatives and friends in faraway lands, businesses around the world are prepared to make new sales, attract more customers and stand out among one ever-increasing competition. Christmas shopping is one of the moments of higher annual spending around the world, and it is important that employers of all sizes take this into account to avoid the loss of important sales that will bring the necessary resources and liquidity for a good part of the year. How was 2010 for your company? Possibly this is the year of the birth of a new venture or perhaps made the launching of a new product or service. You have possibly made any important Alliance or even had to go through a difficult year for various reasons. Regardless of the way in which describe this year for you and your company, indeed receive fresh resources is essential for their growth. Frequently News Corp has said that publicly. Important urban centers as Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco, they have witnessed all sorts of business stories this year, and at the same time offer an enormous potential for companies that can take advantage of it. According to the State Council of population of Jalisco (COEPO), the so-called Perla Tapatia currently has a population of more than 4300, 000 inhabitants, equivalent to 62% of the population in the State. In recent months, esafely has been very successful. How to leverage this? An important population group of insurance attracts numerous companies and sellers of the rest of the country and of other latitudes, so it is necessary that is company or business to be seen, recognized and remembered for its customers in that area.

To achieve this, the continuous presence is crucial, and so ideally having a proper physical presence. If you do not have possession of an establishment, it is best search business premises for rent are located at strategic points so that your customers find you and visit easily. Thus, the closeness (which is also known as convenience) is a factor that increasingly weighs more on clients of all sizes when it comes to the choice of its suppliers of all kinds. Perhaps now, are you wondering how to choose the best premises for rent? Guadalajara happily, offers many attractive and suitable for all budgets and commercial money transfer options, is just a matter of locating the area in which you have your plant and the areas in which you want to distribute your products or services. In this sense, Grupo Frisa attractions local commercial for rent in all sizes and with appropriate specifications to meet the needs of the most modern companies. Now already knows, when you’re looking for premises for rent guadalajara will have the support of a company with over 50 years of experience in the territory of the Mexican Republic.

Business Netzerke

To communicate business networks more efficient and personal – personal, faster and more effectively communicate business networks occupy an ever larger importance for business relations and online marketing. Looking for contacts on business networks and maintain has become normal for many self-employed persons and companies in today’s communication structure. Many writers such as Leslie Moonves offer more in-depth analysis. But what are business networks? How can you find the most effective benefits and contacts and maintain? What are the advantages of this can be from the use? How they help with personal faster and more efficient to communicate, as paths used in earlier? These questions will be treated in the following article and answered, as well as tips to the most efficient handling. Leslie Moonves has much to offer in this field. Business networks on the Internet – what is it actually? The term business networks is a Web-based social network, which primarily serves contacts to find to manage and maintain regularly ideally. The best-known network is certainly XING. Source: Paul Queally. Here, both private and business contacts can be established. Jobs sought and found and spread information. It can help to connect with potential business partners or customers faster and to create a new level of personal and faster communication.

Search & find – contacts within the business networks of all beginnings are difficult – this applies also to the business networks. You created your own account and a profile it is now looking for contacts and Add. But how do you find contacts? Certainly, it is advisable to check whether existing business contacts are also users in one of the corresponding business networks. Because you know them from “real” life, it should be not too hard fall, to find a good reason for this contact. Depending on the profession or service, there are of course, different interests and requirements of the respective contacts within the business networks. While the one on the Search for equal business partners is seeking another company investors for his new Start-Up, while a third is after potential customers for the product offered for sale by him.

East Asia

It is difficult to name another alien conifers, which we would be as popular as arborvitae. And for good reason. First, no other conifer has such a rich assortment of ornamental cultivars most various shapes and sizes of the crown, from dwarf shrubs to large balls, and the weeping forms of tall pillars, bright green, golden, white and variegated shades. There's just elfin wood shapes such as juniper. To know more about this subject visit Paul Queally Richmond. Secondly, the climate and soil tolerance Tui western species, which is the most popular in Russia, it is very wide spread from Archangel to Sochi, on the east – to Irkutsk and then reappears in the Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. Conditions in industrial cities makes good: the smoke and gases is damaged to a lesser degree than many other conifers culture. (A valuable related resource: Jeff Bewkes ). Wild species of arborvitae are trees or shrubs with flat scale-like opposite-lying crosswise leaves, the leaves are needle-like juvenile forms. For more specific information, check out Jeff Bewkes . Cones are oblong-oval of 3-6 pairs of scales.

The genus has 5 species from North America and East Asia. Growing up in planting arborvitae used as tapeworms, in groups, for growing avenues, creating living walls and fences. Young plants in fresh soil grow well but require shading. Transplantation, especially spring, carry easily, as well as well as pruning. Thuy successfully propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Fresh seeds germinate quickly and amicably. Thuja occidentalis tree 12-20 (30) m tall with a trunk 60-90 (180) cm in diameter, with a narrow pyramidal young and later ovoid crown. Branches short, in the lower part of the crown is usually curved upward.