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The teacher looked at the group of students composed of 25 graders and said, "today we will know the symbols of our city and start with the flag" "Again the flag?", But they already know and We see them everywhere, Mercedes said a girl and taller than the rest, with her beautiful brown eyes wide […]

The General Nature Of The Middle Ages

Start the Middle Ages was marked by the largest event of historic significance: the collapse under the blows of the revolution of slaves and slave barbarian invasion of the world of the Roman Empire. Closes this age at least another important event – the collapse of the feudal regime under the blows of the peasant […]

Amu Darya River

"Black Sands". So called the largest desert in Central Asia. It takes three-quarters of the territory of Turkmenistan, and is so large that Turkmens have laid on it saying: "When a bird flies across the Karakum desert, it loses its feathers when a person goes through the Karakum desert, he loses his legs. " The […]