Executive Vice President

Supports Adobe Systems for several years the nonprofit organization and is also an advisory capacity working for them. As a member of the Association of the PDF is Adobe system, that the additional support by NV access, through the initiative of the Association of the PDF will accelerate the implementation of full support of PDF/UA […]

Executive Director

> Real earned 3,500 per month would be due a payment in the amount of 9.510. If the income but remained below the accepted minimum threshold, there is no money back hospital per diem rates for freelancers the sickness benefit insurance financial losses catches, resulting from a long illness due to the Elimination of wage […]

Hamburg Tel HMI

HMI: Academy teaches on the subject of mood management Hamburg in November 2009: good mood enhances creativity, makes active and powerful. Therefore, the HMI Academy focused in their continuing education offer for the top leadership of the HMI, the excellence program, now in Berlin with the topic of mood management. Mood management is an important […]

Executive Board

Build knowledge: yourself or the competent employees should bring Erfahrungenim PR area or acquire. Without experience you will not get far. Internal value: the PR area should be located at the management as close as possible. Thus, short decision-making paths, as well as the flow of information are secured. Often observed that an employee of […]

Schiller Street Management

When deviations occurred, a subsequent analysis of thereof is essential to ultimately appropriate control measures to identify and initiate. Depending on the nature and scope of the measure, as well as in relation to the organisation of the project, is sure that the action by the project manager, to approve the Steering Committee or the […]

Althenaeum Museum

For the second time after 2001 a viasit product was awarded Athenaeum Museum with the world’s most prestigious design award \”GOOD DESIGN\” of the Chicago design and architecture. The good news reached the Neunkirchen viasit headquarters a day before Christmas: the elegant Executive Chair \”toro\” by viasit 2009 is one of the winners of the […]

United States

They see that the first indications of communication had appeared when the human beings of the caves had made paintings in its ' ' lares' ' , with illustrations of animals and objects. Times later, in Greece and Rome old, agriculturists identified the large barrels where they kept its wine with the name of the […]

Industrial Revolution

With effect, the impact of the Industrial Revolution was world-wide, favoring the expansion commercial of England where it appears first. From the second half of century XIX the imperialism in the politics only prevailed of other European countries. In accordance with the force of the circumstances, England forms a new British empire, after the loss […]

United States

While tattoos and piercings are trying to make their way in an increasingly open society, new aesthetic forms much more radical and surprising arise: tattoos by scarification and branding, subcutaneous implants and mutilations. Some of these techniques are thousands of years old, such as scarification, which carry practised in cultures such as the Maya since […]


The history of human civilization directly related to the development of road networks. The most ancient roads which have reached our time belong to the 4 th bc. er. An example would be the road (Sweet Track), discovered in England in 1970. Paved roads in the world: in Asia Minor, Cyprus and India and later […]