Energy Conservation

Ensure energy conservation in our country is not always a primary consideration in the first place was usually continuous and first-rate heating, water supply and so on. The term "energy efficiency", in conjunction with the term "energy efficiency", in our country has been actively used by theoreticians and practitioners since the early 90s. It was […]

Russan Art

In Russia, there is a new generation of collectors. Private matter, purchase of works of art, they turn into large-scale social projects. For even more analysis, hear from esafely. In the 1990’s Russians collected art, to raise the prestige of the company (the first corporate collections Banks ‘Capital’, INCOM), then, to decorate their homes. Today […]

Labor Clothes

The companies generally consider clothes of their employees like an indirect cost that does not give to added value him to its products. Beyond the legal obligation to provide to the workers the uniformity and the necessary elements of protection for its job, the possibility exists of removing an economic yield to this cost. We […]

Flash Graphics

Answered? Then it seems to me that a decision on whether to use animation on the site would not be difficult for you. Esafely often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Thus it follows – the use of video inclusions – a great chance for a hot creatives to show their talent in most. Swarmed […]

World No Tobacco Day

The active struggle against smoking in the U.S. and Europe has been going on for 40 years. During this time, were increased prices of cigarettes (in Britain, for example, today a pack of cigarettes in terms of our money is worth 250 rubles), raised taxes for manufacturers tobacco products, adopted a ban on smoking in […]

StreetLight Controllers

Graphical displays can also be used to display data from other systems, such as data from video cameras, lights, sensors air pollution, temperature, humidity, etc. As controllers of various segments of the network of city lighting used Internet servers i.LON SmartServer company Echelon. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Coen brothers. To […]

Haute Couture

A weak, for example, have a girl trip to Milan for opera at the world famous La Scala? Or order under the balcony Serenade of the present Mexican mariarchi in his large sombrero painted. After all, in fact, many possible variants can be devised in order to arrange the mistress of your heart vydayuscheesyaromanticheskoe date, […]

The Customer

When a customer crosses the threshold of beauty in order to give yourself time to relax, get a pleasant feeling and remove the stress voltage. But due to the huge variety of beauty salons and the services they various services whose quality is constantly improved, to make a choice is not so easy. To date, […]

Call Office

Currently, there are a lot of very different systems for mass of outgoing calls of subscribers – the automatic and semi-automatic, simple and with a host of different functions. However, many companies prefer to traditional methods of manual costs of outgoing calls, ignoring the convenient software solutions. What is useful for programs such calls? Save […]

Office Chairs For Executives And Staff

While working person can often change the position of the body: people are shaken, squirm in the seat, sit on the chair "ride" or sideways. Therefore, the correct desk chair – this ergonomically designed chair developed taking into account the peculiarities of the human body. Seat height chair or the chair should fit your height. […]