Board GPM

GPM German Association for project management brings new PM book on the Nuremberg market, April 21, 2009 from may available new project management book of the German Association for project management GPM. The title is: Kompetenzbasiertes project management (PM3): Handbook for project work, qualification and certification on the basis of the IPMA competence baseline version […]

Infrastructure Projects

Given that today is a great building and a number of infrastructure projects have not entered into action, there is a short-term problems – in particular the problem of parking vehicles; with the introduction of the complex into operation will also be on the plans of the project introduced additional dedicated parking within the complex […]


Such appliances, like televisions and plasma display panels with a hard disk, play a major role in the life of any one of us. They are considered an indispensable part of the interior and the chief means of obtaining information and entertainment. Plasma and lcd TVs are gradually replacing the traditional bulky projectors. The largest […]

Siemens AG Business

Junior COMTECstrategy the balanced scorecard (BSC) is an internal control instrument, with the company’s activities can be measured and the results documented. The BSC offers an overview of the effectiveness and efficiency of the company executives. In doing so, she focused on the vision and strategy of the company and includes usually also figures in […]

Business Director Christiane Street

The project market is slowly recovering despite the crisis. Hamburg, July 08, 2009. After a low point in May the number of projects on has recovered in June significantly after a striking downturn since the beginning of the year. While Oracle 2009 put the single points of light in the first and second quarters, […]

House Project

Market monitor by shows in the first quarter of 2009 a clear upward trend of Microsoft languages c# /.NET HAMBURG (15.04.2008) published market monitor showing by the Hamburg project Exchange today for the twelfth time for the first time since the first data collection an equal high demand for specialists for C#/.NET-Projekte as for […]


Find this balance is not easy – it depends on the orientation of the site and unique to each project. Design is important and that the site, as a person of the company, gives the impression, which is often the first. Leslie Moonves recognizes the significance of this. A first impression – the most important. […]

Prometric Testing Center

Professional qualification of job seeker project manager for little money! The PMP certification is an international qualification based on the “project management body of knowledge” dar. This seminar is reserved at special rates only job seekers. In 40 lessons Renee Ossowski prepares you for the exam, that you can put online after joining the project […]

MS Project Professional Project

Microsoft Project Server enables a professional technical environment for enterprise-wide multi project management using MS Project Professional and the MS Project Server to test and evaluate Microsoft. Many companies schedule-based island solutions today still only with Excel and project client because you spare the time to evaluating project server and the associated installation. Grobman & […]

The Interests

His son told him that once is adapted to the new situation, I would feel that work was not neither better or worse to the developed so far, would just be different. During dinner, the rain that night, the gloom surrounding the restaurant table, the slowness with which articulated words and his gaze, drew me […]