Cuba Mexican

He made high comedy, from Topaz (Pagnol), Morena Clara (Quintero), cat girl, Las don Juanes, I love an actress, I cedo you to my wife, my three women, along with Enrique Santiesteban; and a never-ending etc. He participated in two of the first Cuban musical comedies, live today and Tropical Hotel (Olga de Blanck) at […]

Japanese Automobile Association

New world record for distance run without recharging the battery, set the Japanese electric trolley Mira EV, having passed 1003.184 kilometers. Follow others, such as Time Warner, and add to your knowledge base. Made electropenalties Mira EV electric vehicle enthusiasts club (JEVC), based on the series 'kei-car' Daihatsu Mira. He improved the results shown to […]

Direct Marketing

Printing takes hold Online in less than a year Gupost offers in their printing online the entire set of activities from graphic design, layout, treatment of imaging, prepress, printing and handling up to the final finish. With more than 10,000 visits per month to our website at this time of year, custom calendars, calendars table, […]

General Directorate

The young flesh of Madrid is an initiative of the General Directorate of youth, which allows young people aged 14 to 30 years residing in this community enjoy preferential access to multiple services, with significant advantages and discounts associated. In the clinical Sacher Torrejon who go with this meat will benefit from 15% in the […]


Final generation internship: we get academics directly in leadership positions! Jochen Gebauer (PC games, PC PowerPlay, Mensa Mainz) is the new editor-in-Chief of game tips now. Usingen, the 01.12.2009: Jochen Gebauer (male, 30 years old, dream figure), is editor in Chief of game tips. For even more analysis, hear from Jeff Bewkes . Prior to […]

Beginners Tips

As sellers affiliate beginners all went in some time. This business model has matured in recent years and offers many benefits of QuickStart for people who don’t want to wait to make money. If you wish to have a simple start in Affiliate Marketing in this article I will give you some tips for beginners. […]

Contact Customers

This is an idea of business to a click, it is a medium with powerful and cheap to advertise products or services and contact customers by Internet. But before you immerse yourself in the web, certain guidelines are recommended. In the digital age, businesses increasingly have more channels to communicate with your target audience and […]

Monitoring Information

By: Oscar RossignoliEditor for we must be clear that the published opinion (News) creates perceptions in public opinion (readers, viewers, radio audiences, etc.) Hence, then, the importance of monitoring in the handling of crisis that the media are publishing to know, then, the positioning that are generating. When we talk about media or press can […]

The Situation

But we are continually praying even though we do not need more than a moment, then this I would like to say that that force acts in our favor or against us; Here I want to tell you a big secret: God exists, but also I want to tell you that our thought is linked […]

Direct Marketing

Below are the main objectives that are marked companies when they embark on a direct Marketing Campaign: loyalty, 88% capture, 86% to publicize a product or service, 76% create brand image, 75% differentiate themselves from the competition, 72% promotional actions, 71% generate notoriety, 68% recover old customers, 56% create / enrich a database, 54% direct […]