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When the church is a channel that only transmits any thing interesting to him the payment of its service as they veran but ahead until the creator of the satanic bible one makes fun of of apostasia accepted by the Christianity. On the matter it agrees to say that: our future generations will not be able to conceive the gospel like a suffering state where La Paz offers to Jesus and his santo it spirit. The success, the wealth and the prosperity are the source of all the goods. When the men are living gospel undergo persecution, that stage not only is property of the book of the facts of the apostles. Who we wrote these lines, there are lost works by the simple fact of not supporting to our heads in its robberies, because we did not support to the banks and its systems of credit.

You must lie to the client said they to him: saying him that the interest rate is this or that one after signs will have to pay to etc. Conclusion; but you participate dismiss to you or you retire by own will. Whichever Christians will be in the companies of the world, lying comfortably and supporting any robbery, lie, extorcin, and other so many things as these in order to be able to eat they and their children? We will not be the most comfortable and pleased generation with these practices? Who it will persecute to us if never we will confront to them, on the contrary we do not do the one of them? " The times have changed. Jerarcas of the Church no longer preaches that all our Natural acts are sinful. No longer we thought that sex is dirty .o that to feel pride of we ourself is shameful. Or that to wish the one of the others is perverso". Clear that no, the times Have changed! " If you wish a proof of it, it is enough whereupon you watch the very liberal thing that has become the Churches. We go, if all the things are practicing that you preach! ". (Satanic Bible) Because after the facts of the apostles the sanacin miracles are only possible in the churches? To case he is sinned that the miracles become in the street and that these that heals preach with authority? Because the men so anointed and that we have in the macro-churches and that they heal to the multitudes in each service they do not go to the hospitals and they begin to vacate them? To case the men seeing these signals in Christ-Jesus would not receive to him with faith? Facts of the apostles are of the old testament? It seems that the miracles were only deprived property of the temples, the apostles of God healed in any place, these if they were signals. In which moment such power was lost, it will be when we made of the gospel a company which displeasure to God? " and by avarice they will make merchandise of you with false words. On such, already of long time condemnation one does not take, and his perdicin not duerme." 2 PEDRO 2:3 2010 John Jairo Melo Naranjo – Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Original author and source of the article.

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